Shaper FORMULA with tilting shaft T60I/T60ILL



Version “LL” table with 2 leafes to profiler

Characteristics T60I :

Shaper with configuration CE tilting shaft – shaft 50 mm

Dimensions of working table : 1200 x 810 mm

Tilting shaper shaft : -45° / +45°

Height of shaper shaft  : 180 mm

5 rotation shaft speed : 3000/4500/6000/8000/10000 t/min

Dim. maxi of tool with guide to profiler : 250 mm

Dim. maxi of tool below the working table : 320 x 60 mm

Suction dust of the guide  diam. 120 mm

Suction dust in the back of cast : n. 2 diam. 60 mm

Power main motor 7.5 CV

Standard equipment  :

  – Adjustables guide with tables of support in wood diam maxi of tool 250 mm

– Manuel moving for the uprising and tilting of shaft tool holder, equiped digital mecanic display for the report of the working dimensions.

– Micro-switch of safety to entrance gate to motor block

  – Button stop urgency

  – General switch locking

  – Protection magneto-thermic

  – Direct starting of main motor

  – Transformator for auxiliary circuit 110 V

  – Electric pre-disposition for feeder

  – Automatic motor brake

  – Visualisation  of the speed

  – Certificate of conformity for the CE regulation

Characteristics T60ILL:

Version “LL” table with 2 leafes to profiler

  – Length 2500 mm equiped with a support rod before for big pieces

  – Button stop urgency